Rebekah Shibao


Rebekah entered the world dancing and started formal lessons at age three. Performing is hard-wired into her DNA. Attracted to artistry on multiple levels, she spent her childhood in dance classes including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, clogging and gymnastics. She went to college on a Theatre Performance scholarship where she often had leading roles in multiple plays, musicals, and dance concerts. During this time, Rebekah was introduced to Ballroom, Salsa, Bachata, and Aerial Dance and was the department’s first Trapeze Soloist.


During her period as a full-time performer, she devoted serious effort to her yoga practice as a therapy for a hip injury. Rebekah quickly found herself immersed in the practice of yoga as she personally experienced a transformation on a physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual level. She found a natural affinity for the value of Yoga as a way of addressing physical tension and pain, identifying emotional and psychological blocks, and moving through negativity and frustration to greater acceptance and peace of mind.


It was a natural evolution to move from personal yoga practice to teacher certification in 2010. Rebekah is an RYT 200 registered with the Yoga Alliance, in addition to 50hrs emphasis on Myofascial Release. As an avid student, Rebekah continues her education in various forms of yoga.


With her extensive dance and artistic background, she brings a signature style of movement with variations that are both traditional and innovative. As a healing practitioner, Rebekah is passionate in helping people transform their relationship with their bodies. She offers a keen eye on improving proper alignment while honoring the beauty of every individual’s uniqueness.


Through her classes, private instruction, and online content, she aims to inspire others to experience greater awareness, self-discovery, and happiness, through the arts of yoga and dance.