Abtin Arbabi

Abtin Arbabi


Abtin Arbabi brings a multi-cultural perspective and relevance to everything he does. Raised and educated in Iran and England, he has traveled widely, residing and working for several periods of time in Japan as well as in the United States.


His natural affinity for technology, details, precision, and integrity led him into a successful career as a camera consultant. He was the go-to expert for advising film makers in the specifications for and use of cameras and related equipment. He applies his vast and detailed knowledge to help bring the vision of creators to the screen. Much of his work has been in the entertainment industry, working as an equipment advisor to those creating television shows, feature films, commercials, and product and service marketing videos for networks such as WB, NBC, Sony Entertainment.


Abtin has over two decades of experience as an equipment expert and behind the camera knowledge, which he brings to Lotus Warrior Studio as the head of Pre-Post Production Services. He has a proven track record using his extensive knowledge and skills to deliver high quality results on time and within budgetary constraints. His experience in the field will make your project or shoot a positive and enjoyable experience.


Abtin grew up with martial arts training and has always been strongly aligned with the philosophy and discipline of spirituality. The influence of his spiritual curiosity and discipline is a thread which weaves throughout his life and work.


Abtin began his yoga practice with Rebekah Shibao in 2018 and since has been a devoted practitioner and student. Attracted to the precision, physical discipline, and restorative powers of Ashtanga Yoga, Abtin pursued teacher training. He is RYT 200 registered with the Yoga Alliance.